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A Georgian Tandoor Oven

This photograph, taken by Reaktion Books publisher Michael Leaman in Tiblisi, Georgia, very clearly shows that the top of the oven is angled so that breads stuck to its side will receive direct radiant heat from the embers or fire… Read more
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Peruvian Watia Oven made with Spaded Soil

The impromptu Peruvian oven that is is built in the Peruvian highlands to bake potatoes can easily be adapted to bake bread. While the Peruvian watia dome is heated and then collapsed onto the potatoes, one can use the form… Read more
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Building a Mud Oven with Soil/Concrete

The ovens demonstrated here are based on designs from the Jewish Moroccan community in Israel. They were built at the Jewish Moroccan Museum and Archive for Living Culture at Moshav Sedot Micah, a village in the center of Israel.  There… Read more
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Making Tortillas from Nixtamal

Bear with this grainy video. It is shot in low light with a simple camera. The video documents two women making tortillas on a clay griddle (a comal) fired with branches from masa (dough) that is prepared from nixtamal (whole… Read more
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Fry Bread

Many Native American tribes have adopted fry bread as their national bread. In this video Naomi Good Shield from the Lakota demonstrates her version of the bread in a thorough well-paced documentary. Note the detail that she does not want… Read more
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Building a Clay or Cob Oven

This is part 6 of a multi-part video by Kurt Gardella. Kurt is affiliated with the Northern New Mexico College adobe construction program. He offers workshops in building a traditional New Mexican horno. Kurt also offers online workshops. This is… Read more
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A Simple Moroccan Oven

This is one of the most extraordinary baking videos posted on You Tube. The baker, a Moroccan woman, is sitting in front of small oven fired with brush. The bread is baked on a griddle within the oven. She crisps… Read more
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Saj Bread with Recipe

The sound track is awful — a solo piano piece that grates on my nerves — and the baker is a professional from an odd kind of restaurant where he wears latex gloves while baking. This said, there is a… Read more
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Extensible Dough — Shraq

What I find remarkable about this Bedouin bread is the rolling out — or pushing out — by hand and then the stretching by tossing. The tossing is the basic pizza dough technique but this bread is incredibly thin. Note… Read more
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Introduction to Baking Bread in Hot Sand

This video offers an introduction to baking bread in sand heated by a fire of brushwood. This particular version is made by a Berber but it is a technique that is widespread in desert regions. The YouTube videos documenting the… Read more
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