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Flour Mills on the Seine, Paris

A boat water mill floating on the Seine in the 18th century towards the back of Notre Dame Cathedral This is an eighteenth-century print of a flour mill floating on the Seine with Notre Dame in the background. Until well… Read more
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Early Modern Kitchen Garden References

This post provides references to three works mentioned in my talk to the Farm to Table  New Orleans International Symposium, August 204, 2013. If you attended my talk I do encourage you to write to me with questions and comments.… Read more
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Making Cake from Bread Dough circa 1880

I’ve been reading the bread section from The Thrift Book: A Cyclopaedia of Cottage Management, a British book published in the 1880s. It is interesting for being written during a transitional period in home baking when bakers were shifting to… Read more
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Spit Roast Bread — The Kneaded Loaf of 1823

Today, as part of my work on the glossary section of the history of bread I’m writing for UC Press, I have been researching the British Northern dialect term knodden cake, and its Standard English parallel, kneaded cake. I’m still… Read more
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Writing a History of Bread for UC Press!

I would like to announce that I am now under contract with UC Press for a comprehensive history of bread. This work work, due in October 2016, expands on the history I wrote for Reaktion Books, Bread: A Global History… Read more
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Radio Interview

Here is my interview with Linda Pelaccio for her radio show “A Taste of the Past.” We talk about my Book, Bread, a global history, and more generally about bread in the past and bread today. Linda’s show is weekly… Read more
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Bread Talk in New York March 19!

I am giving a talk on the history of bread at the Roger Smith Hotel, in New York, on Monday, March 19. It is a joint program with the Culinary Historians of New York and the Edible Conversations Series. The… Read more
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Masonry Stone Builders Masonry Stone bulna;dlkfna;lkdfna;slkfdasl;dfjas;ldfjsad;lkfjasl;dfkjsal;fjsal;dfkj Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend… Read more
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Baked on a Griddle

This is a disquieting video of flatbreads being baked in Afghanistan.  In it, we see a young baker forming and the rolling out a bread to beaked on a griddle. The focus is on the rolling out which is done… Read more
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Two-Chambered Bread Oven

I am not sure where this set of three videos was made. If you know, please leave a comment. I am assuming North Africa or Central Asia. I have personally never seen an oven of the type filmed here. The… Read more
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