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Yeasted Bread and Good Health

A yeast advertisement that focuses on very old ideas associating poor digestion and ill health with dense bread. A wonderful massively interesting trade card for Warner’s Safe Yeast circa 1885-1890. To this day, companies sell products by creating fear and… Read more
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Flatbread with Olive Oil

I was at an event the other night at the California Academy of Sciences. Cocktail party talk. In that context I was asked what I am so often asked, "What is your favorite bread." It sounds flip, but it is true. My favorite bread is the most recent one I've made.
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Spit Roast Bread — The Kneaded Loaf of 1823

Today, as part of my work on the glossary section of the history of bread I’m writing for UC Press, I have been researching the British Northern dialect term knodden cake, and its Standard English parallel, kneaded cake. I’m still… Read more
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Sir Hugh Plat’s Manuscript: An English Bread circa 1560

There is one of the earliest bread recipes written in English and this is its first publication. The recipe is found in a manuscript book mostly written by Sir Hugh Plat but as Malcom Thick points out in his book, Sir Hugh Plat: The Search for Useful Knowledge in Early Modern London, many of the food recipes, including this one, were written by an unknown author with the initials TT. Malcolm Thick believes that this recipe probably dates to the 1550s or 1560s. I am preparing these early manuscript bread recipes for publication. If you would like to be notified when this book will be available for publication please sign up for my mailing list.
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Bread in Italy circa 1894

I was searching Google Books for information on military bread ovens in the 19th century, a process my girlfriend refers to as “wooden cowing,” and came across this sketch regarding bread in Italy circa 1894. It was written by Olive… Read more
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A Simple Military Clay Oven circa 1895

Armies march on their stomachs. Historically, this often meant that armies marched with their bakeries. Military field manuals are a source of information in simple impromptu oven construction. The simplest oven is the item 496: An oven may be excavated… Read more
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The Dislike for the Sour Taste in Bread (1903)

LEAVEN is nothing more nor less than flour and water, stirred together and kept in a warm place until fermentation commences. Every time the baker makes bread, a certain quantity should be kept back in an earthen pot for the… Read more
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An American Apple Bread circa 1860

A very light pleasant bread is made in France by a mixture of apples and flour, in the proportion of one of the former to two of the latter. The usual quantity of yeast is employed as in making common… Read more
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William Cobbett Cottage Economy (1821): A Basic Bread

William Cobbett’s Cottage Economy (1821) is an opinionated, eccentric, and certainly to a modern reader, a work marred by an offensive tone.  Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post… Read more
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Two-Chambered Bread Oven

I am not sure where this set of three videos was made. If you know, please leave a comment. I am assuming North Africa or Central Asia. I have personally never seen an oven of the type filmed here. The… Read more
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