Sustainable Seed Company

This is a Northern California seed company with a vision for a sustainable future which in the context of its Northern California location includes minimal irrigation. The Sustainable seed company sells seeds to both small farmers and the home gardener. All seeds are listed as being “hierloom”. It is a mostly a basic collection of vegetable seeds though it does have spots of depth. The been collections are interesting and it has a notable collection of tobacco seeds. They also offer a selection of 15 grains, each with approximately two cultivar choices. While not especially deep the grain selection may inspire you to add grains to your garden or small farm and certainly offers enough choice to get you started. They display a shade of paranoia with their “Safety Seed Collections.” Unless one were already gardening on a substantial scale a collection of seeds will do you little good in a real economic emergency, one that sweeps you, your neighbors, and all local seed purveyors into an economic black hole. But the collections do offer a big savings on seeds so if the selections work for you, then you might look at these collections as the basis for a ambitious vegetable gardening project.

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