Building a Clay or Cob Oven

This is part 6 of a multi-part video by Kurt Gardella. Kurt is affiliated with the Northern New Mexico College adobe construction program. He offers workshops in building a traditional New Mexican horno. Kurt also offers online workshops.

This is a brilliant video. Anyone interested in building an earth oven (clay, cob, adobe, argile) will find this an invaluable recourse. Kurt refers to Kiko Denzer’s invaluable book, Earth Ovens, during the course of the video. I’d love to post the rest of the series but have so far not been able to find other episodes.

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One Response to Building a Clay or Cob Oven

  1. don from saint louis says:

    I cant thank you enough for this video. I wish I could afford your book. I want to build this oven. And I want very badly to cook food with fire.

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